San Antonio Winery knows how to party!  Our love for wine is just as great as our love for gatherings.  Wine brings people together, and that’s our specialty.   Throughout the year we host various wine events, our most recent was our annual summer BBQ.  This is always a hit.  Summer, fresh food off the grill, artisan wines and beers, live music; what’s not to...

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It’s Like Getting a Star on Hollywood Boulevard!

You don’t want to say it but you probably have dreamed at one point or another of being famous and adored.  Admit it. Being pampered, spoiled, and showered with gifts doesn’t sound so bad.  Well we agree! That’s why we thought about something better, making everyone into a VIP.  Join the wine club and feel closer to the Riboli Family.

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Become a Part of Our Family

San Antonio Winery history began in 1917 when Santo Cambianica decided to start his own company in Downtown Los Angeles. In 1936, his nephew, Stefano Riboli, came to United States to work with him. Stefano proved himself invaluable as a partner to his uncle and to the winery. When Stefano married Maddalena Satragni in 1946, the winery was already an established...

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Top 5 Summer Wines!

It is officially summer! In honor of the recent Summer Solstice, we have selected our top 5 summer wines to share with you today! So, escape the heat, and grab a bottle of one of these five wines to help you turn this summer into a cool...

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National Donut Day, or Week?

Last week was National Donut Day, but we decided that since we love donuts, and we love wine, we would continue the celebration of this national holiday! (With a new addition – WINE!) Anyone can pair donuts with milk or coffee, but the pairing between donut and wine is a very particular skill that we are here to help you with. We took advantage of National Donut...

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The Future Is Here

Most movies and shows that talk about the future show things like a mini pizza expanding in a flash (Back to the Future), or a robot that cleans the house (The Jetsons). Some of their predictions are close to things we see now.   Although we’re not quite at the stage of flying cars and teleportation, the predictions of the future always revolve around...

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Weekend, Wine, And Sunshine! We Have The Spot For You.

Wine, sunshine, weekend getaway, doesn’t this sound just heavenly? As the weather starts to warm up, you’re probably tempted to head outdoors and just a short drive away is beautiful Paso Robles. Here you’ll be amongst mountain ranges, beaches and hundreds of wineries, including San Antonio Winery. It’s the perfect time of year to sip some rosès, whites, and even...

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Dinner Date At Maddalena Restaurant

Running out of ideas of where to dine? Ok, maybe not exactly the case in Los Angeles which has an ever-growing culinary scene, but if you want an authentic Italian dining experience in the heart of LA, we have an idea for you and your honey, or your guests. The Maddalena Restaurant, serving freshly made pasta, salad, meat, and sandwich dishes, offers a unique...

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As Simple As 1-2-3, A Guide For Wine Lovers

Signing up or joining in can sometimes feel more daunting than exciting but that isn’t the case when you’re joining a wine club, because that’s just pure excitement. But to ease the process, here is a guide to joining a wine club. First, do you love dry wine and love sharing it? Well if you’re reading this, the answer is probably yes. So next is – do you...

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