Maddalena Wines

With each bottle of her namesake wine, we celebrate our Founder, Maddalena Riboli. Her vision and passion helped shape both our family the the San Antonio Winery legacy.

“If being a female farmer was rare, being a female winery owner was unheard of…”

From the moment Maddalena Riboli emigrated to the United States as a little girl from Italy in 1929, she built a foundation to last her a lifetime of a strong work ethic as she and her family farmed the fields in the San Fernando Valley and later to the areas east of Los Angeles.

Historic photo of Maddalena selling wine

Maddalena has always been a bold visionary. Being a woman in the wine industry was not easy, but Maddalena was the driving force behind San Antonio Winery and her charisma and work ethic were keys to its success. It was Maddalena’s vision to expand the family’s winery with vineyard holdings in Monterey County and Paso Robles. It was she who began the Maddalena restaurant at the winery, to cater to the many guests who visited.

Maddalena and Stefano Riboli chatting together

Maddalena is now in her mid 90’s, and along with her husband Stefano, children and grandchildren, she is an actively involved and continues to advise at the winery where she began her wine career as a young woman in America. Maddalena and Stefano Riboli have created an enduring wine legacy and are very proud of their achievements in the wine industry of California and to the community of Los Angeles.

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