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San Antonio Winery Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes how San Antonio Winery and its affiliated brands and/or companies (collectively, “Stella Rosa Wines”, “us”, “our” or “we”) use, gather, and share personal data from you to improve our products and services. This Privacy Policy explains:

  • What information we may collect and why we collect it from you.
  • How we make use of information.
  • How long we store information.
  • The options we offer, like how to access, update, opt out, or delete that information.

As you submit your information to us and use our website, including mobile sites and apps (the “site”)that states you agree to our terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Scope of Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will apply when you visit our Site or any website with our affiliated brands, mobile sites, or apps: When you subscribe to our mailing lists, newsletters, and wine-club programs, engaging in our other brand pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Signs up for events or our promotions.

The privacy policy will not apply to our company, our suppliers, distributors, and any trade contacts unless when acting like customers. The Policy will not apply to data collected via our Site, social media platforms, app, or other entities that we do not operate even if we may include the links and references to the third-party websites.

If you use our third-party apps, we may collect any information we shall process in this privacy policy. The data collected by the third-party shall be under its privacy policies. That means we can’t control or be responsible for any of your personal information used by the third-parties—we advise you first to read the privacy policy of such third party’s sites and apps.

You may find links in our sites linking to social media platforms. Our Site may give you a choice to connect or engage with one or more of these sites. And when you do, depending on your platform privacy settings, any personal data you will transmit or post can be viewed and used by third parties. We will have nothing to do with this since we have no control and, therefore, not responsible for using any of your information posted. When you engage and share your info in these third-parties sites, you will be taking the risk of your data getting used anyhow by the third parties. As a company, we have no control; neither are we responsible for the way the third-party views or uses your info.

Information that We Collect from You

We may collect your personal identifiable information such as

  • Name
  • User Name
  • Mailing/ Shipping Addresses
  • Telephone number (mobile and home numbers)
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Your Credit or Debit Card Numbers

We might also request other personal information or use the data you provide us. Such info collected from you gets shared with our affiliated brands or third-party sources, including marketing and other fulfillment companies, also from opt-in lists, your publicly available data, or other referrals. We can use this info to contact you or as permitted by this privacy policy.

We may also use and collect some of your personal information that passively comes through automated means or (other information). These may include referring URL, using your I.P. address, your browser, country, or state to access this Site. We can use your cookie I.D.s, or segments associated with this, our page that you viewed or visited, time and frequency of your visit. Any search words you entered in our Site or anonymized demographic information, your log file data, and other usage statistics. We may collect additional information from cookies, web beacons, clickstream data, clear gifs, navigational data, and more.

Cookies are text file that websites send to a user in his computer to identify their browser uniquely or to store their information in the browser. Using the web beacon, also called internet tag, transmits the data back to the server.

We might also use tools from third parties like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to collect visitor’s information and traffic on our sites and mobile apps. And the third parties may also collect your info from our Site. Setting your browser to send you a notification whenever a cookie request comes allows you to agree or refuse it. However, some features might not work on our Site without enabling cookies. Sometimes we may use web beacons in emails to find out when such communications open and communicate with you better. The cookie-based opt-outs don’t apply on mobile devices, but one can use their mobile to opt-out of mobile tracking activities.

Online Advertising and Tracking

We may collaborate with companies that collect your online activities information to target your interests and preferences. That means you find some ads on our Site or other websites since we partner with Google and similar other companies. As we try to target our ads on information, they may have collected on their Site or through automated ways (through cookies or web beacons).

One can opt-out of this automated collection of data done for the sake of advertisement by third parties or ad networks. All you need is to go to, and you edit or opt-out your Google Display Network ads. If you also want to stop receiving targeted ads on Facebook, you can go to And to exercise your options of targeted advertising and tracking from your browser or other devices, we recommend you explore them. You can go to reset and limit or disable your advertising I.D. on your browser.

How We May Use Your Information

We shall choose your personal information for particular limited purposes. We can use all the above information when processing your requests, such as your wine club orders. Also, to communicate about our products, offers, events, and other services, we believe you will be interested. We analyze trends and build up communication strategies with you that helps to improve our online guest services. We may also use our client’s information for system administration as we diagnose our server or software problems.

How We May Disclose Your Information

We may use your personal information per this privacy policy by sharing it with other affiliated brands for advertisement. Some limited circumstances may prompt us to disclose your personal information to third parties. When required by law, such may include when access, preservation, or disclosure is reasonably necessary. However, we shall protect our rights, the safety of our property, and that of our customers and the public. We don’t trade our customer’s info to third parties.

We may involve different companies or individuals to do certain functions and services such as tracking, storing, processing, and being our custodians. That means they may have access to your data while performing their operations and providing us their services. We also require our third-party service providers to apply industry-appropriate security measures to ensure your personal information is secured.

There may be a time when we partner with other brands, affiliates, data vendors, and third parties we have curated to improve your user experience. It can be through promotions, co-branded partnerships, and ventures from the wine club. If you wish, you can opt-in with these third parties and request them to market their products or other third parties services to you. Any time you can opt-out by unsubscribing from these third parties if you don’t want to hear from them. Subject to their privacy policies. We also can use nonpersonal data from third parties according to their privacy policies.

We can aggregate your personal information so that the data given does not identify you personally. And if we combine all the unique and nonpersonal information, this combined info is treated as personal. After collecting your information, we may use it and even disclose the nonpersonal info for any purpose we may need.

How Long We Keep Your Information

We shall keep your data until the time we deem necessary to fulfil the services outlined above and maintain our business documents as the applicable law. We shall continue to store and use the combined anonymous data collected previously and aggregate it.

International Data Transfers

If you belong from the European Economic Area, your data may get transferred outside your location with different data protection merits. And may include the U.S. All your data held will be processed in the United States, on San Antonio Winery Inc. servers. We secure your transferred data by ensuring we apply the appropriate security measures. When you use our Site, you consent that you understand that your data may get transferred and used in the United States. That is subject to lawful requests by law enforcement authorities in the U.S.

Our Site is for adults over 21 years old who are under the legalized age of drinking alcohol. Therefore, we don’t seek nor collect any information from those under this age knowingly. And if we do so unknowingly, we put reasonable efforts to remove such information from our records.


We ensure to protect your personal information by organizing technical and administrative security measures. That may include encryption and anonymization. However, it’s unfortunate to state that there is no guarantee of 100 percent data transmission security over the internet. It will be your full responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the user names and passwords you choose.

If you want to Opt-Out, Change, or Delete Your Personal Information.

One may wish to opt-out and stop electronic marketing communications through emails.

  • 1. use the unsubscribe link in your email, and follow the instructions.
  • 2. open the message you don’t wish to receive anymore, and reply with a blank email by typing in the subject line “unsubscribe.”
  • 3. use the Contact Us section below the email, and request your email removal.

Then we shall endeavor to comply with your request reasonably, as required by law. If you have an account with San Antonio Winery, you can easily view, change, update, and delete your information, when you wish. You can first log in to your account and then go to the My Account page. Make your changes, which should reflect on your profile page. However, you need to understand that those changes will only apply to the Site where you made changes.

Other affiliate sites we operate will continue to show your previous data. You will get reasonable access to your data, entitlement to challenge the accuracy, and your completed information. You will also have the right to have your account amended or deleted if you feel that’s appropriate for you. However, you can still send us updated personal information or a request to delete your account, as you can find in the Contact Us segment below.

Even after sending your opt-out preferences, there may be times that we can try to contact you for administrative purposes. It could be an order or inquiry you made, a legal notice, and any such matters. It is important to note, it’s not our responsibility to remove or update your information in the third parties we associate our brands with.

Privacy Notice for California Residents

This privacy policy is for California inhabitants and supplements the information in San Antonio Winery Inc. It also applies to visitors, users, and those who live in California (Consumers). By taking up this notice, we comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”). The terms stipulated in the CCPA have a similar definition when used in this notice. As explained above, we collect the information related to, describes, identifies, or associate with you reasonably. It could be linked to you directly or indirectly with (“California personal information”) specific customer, household, or even a device. In particular, San Antonio Winery has used the California personal information to collect their customer’s data within a year, using the above “We Collect from You segment.”

Consistent with the section above of “How We May Use Your Information” and “How We May open or expose Your Information,” we may disclose or use the data collected from the California personal information. However, the CCPA has a consumer section that offers California’s residents specific rights regarding their California personal information, elucidating how to exercise what belongs to them.

Access to the Right Information and Data Portability Rights

It is the California consumers’ right to request disclosure and use of certain information collected by us over the last 12 months. After we receive, confirm, and verify the California Consumer request (see Exercising Access, Data Portability, and Deletion Rights), then we will reveal:

  • Classification of our customer’s collection of California personal information.
  • The classification of sources collected (California personal information) for our customers.
  • Our primary business purpose for gathering California personal information
  • Types of third-parties we share California personal information with.
  • The particulars (California personal information) that we collect. (data portability request).
  • After disclosing the California personal information for business use, we show a list of all these disclosures and categories of such information obtained.

Deletion Request Rights

Upon certain exceptions, the California Consumers may have the right to request deleting their information collected from the California personal information. And after receiving and confirming a verifiable request, we will delete and remove the customer’s information from our database, unless otherwise.

Exercising Access, Data Portability, and Deletion Rights

For California Consumers who may want to have accessibility, data portability, or use the deletion rights as stipulated above, they may call us at 323-223-1401. They also have to send us a verifiable request or send an email to They have the right to do all these, twice in a 12 month time. This verifiable request should have sufficient information that will allow us to verify the individual’s credentials that we collected from California’s personal information. The details provided should be adequate for us to evaluate, understand, and respond promptly.

Response Timing and Format

After receiving a verifiable request, we aspire to act on it within 45 days. Sometimes, we may require up to 90 days, but we shall inform you of the reason behind that in writing. We will send you a useable format that provides California personal information and structure for data portability requests. The form will help the consumer transmit their information from one unit to another with no problems. We shall not charge any fee or refuse to respond or process a verifiable request. Unless it is repetitive, excessive, malicious, or manifestly unfounded, and if in that case, we determine that the right attracts a fee or refusal, then we will inform the customer about it and then send the estimated cost. After that, we can complete the customer’s request.


We don’t discriminate against those who want to exercise their CCPA rights.

Other California Privacy Rights

As per section 1798.83-1798.84 of the California Civil Code, California residents have the right to ask us for a notice that shows the classification of their personal information that we share with others. After receipt, we will first check the categories of information shared, then we can provide the list of the third party shared info that includes names and addresses. That should be in the immediate proceeding calendar.

Any California resident wishing to get a copy of this notice may send a written request to us. Use the contact information below, and wait for our response after 30 days. If you send your request through other means, it may take up to 150 days to respond. Keep a note that we must respond to only one request per customer yearly.

If you are a California resident and want to have a copy of this notice, please submit a written request by using the contact information set forth below. Please allow 30 days for a response. If we receive your offer through a different method, please allow 150 days for an answer. You must understand that we are only required to respond to one request per customer each year. Users can also enable “Do Not Track,” a privacy preference found in your web browser. If enabled, the browser sends a request message to the sites, asking them not to track the web user. During this time, we don’t respond to Do Not Track” signals or the browser settings.

Contact Us

If you want to raise any queries or requests about our Privacy Policy. It should be via this email: You can also reach us at Address: 737 Lamar St. Los Angeles, CA, 90031.

Possible Updates to our Policy

San Antonio Winery Inc. may update this privacy policy at any time. But we will inform you in case of any changes made by posting a notice on the homepage for some reasonable amount of time. We will also include an updated date at the top of our privacy policy, so you need to check if there are any changes periodically. As you continue to use our sites after the changes, that will mean that you have accepted the changes.

Using our Site will be subject to and governed by the legal notice found at the Terms of Use. And any access or use of our Site will constitute that you agree, and these provisions bound you. IF YOU DON’T LIKE OR AGREE WITH OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR USE OUR SITE.