Wine Tastings in Ontario

Explore the vibrant history of San Antonio Winery. Walk-ins are welcome at our tasting room. We provide two unique options for wine flights: indulge in a guided tasting led by our wine sommelier, priced at $45-$55 per person, which includes an individual charcuterie platter, or opt for a self-guided wine flight caddy to savor wines at your own leisure on our patio, priced at $22-$25 per person.

For groups under 8, no reservations are necessary. However, groups of 8 or more are encouraged to make a reservation to ensure we can enhance your experience during your visit. Additionally, our self-guided flight caddy option allows you to enjoy your wines at your own pace on the patio.

Ontario Hosted Wine Tasting

Enjoy a guided tasting of award-winning wines from our estate vineyards in California led by one of our stewards.

Taste of Paso Experience – $45 Includes an individual charcuterie plate

Savor the essence of Paso Robles in every glass as you embark on a sensory journey through our exclusive wine-tasting experience. From the sun-kissed vineyards to the rich terroir, indulge in the distinct flavors and vibrant character that define this renowned wine region.

  • San Simeon Sauvignon Blanc, Paso Robles
  • San Simeon Viognier, Paso Robles
  • Maddalena Merlot, Paso Robles
  • Maddalena Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles
  • San Simeon Petit Sirah, Paso Robles

Experience the Darkness – $55 Includes an individual charcuterie plate

Discover the mysterious allure of Opaque wines with this wine tasting. Experience the bold, dark flavors that await in every glass.

  • Opaque Malbec, Paso Robles
  • Opaque Darkness, Paso Robles
  • Opaque Zinfandel, Paso Robles
  • Opaque Tannat, Paso Robles
  • Opaque Petite Verdot, Paso Robles

Summer Whites – $45 Includes an individual charcuterie plate

Take flight with our exquisite selection of white wines, where each sip transports you to a realm of elegance and flavor. From crisp Chardonnay to aromatic Grenache Rosé, enjoy the flavors of Summer with these handpicked wines.

  • San Simeon Sauvignon Blanc, Paso Robles
  • San Simeon Grenache Rosé, Paso Robles
  • Riva de la Rosa Vermentino, Italy
  • Windstream Chardonnay, Monterey
  • Maddalena Riesling, Paso Robles

Sweet Experience- $48 includes an individual charcuterie plate

Embark on a journey through sweetness with our flight of delectable wines, where every sip is a delightful adventure for your taste buds. Indulge in the blissful symphony flavors of Summer and explore the sweeter side of life.

  • Stella Rosa Imperiale Orange Moscato, Italy
  • Stella Rosa Royale, Italy
  • Stella Rosa Strawberry Rose, Italy
  • Maddalena Riesling, Paso Robles
  • Fruit Farm Pineapple Papaya, Italy
  • La Quinta Syrah Port, California

Large Group Hosted Tastings

Perfect for groups of 10 – 30 guests. 

Artisan Selection – $45.00 per person

Experience limited-production wines served in a private setting by your own San Antonio Wine Steward. Duration approximately 1 hour.

Wines Included: San Simeon Viognier, San Simeon Chardonnay, San Simeon Cabernet Sauvignon, Opaque Malbec.

Sweet Wine Selection – $45.00 per person

Award-winning sweet wines served in a private setting by your own San Antonio Wine Steward. Duration approximately 1 hour.

Wines Included: Stella Rosa Organic Red Fruit Fusion, Stella Rosa Cranberry (non-sparkling), Stella Rosa Imperial Black Lux, San Antonio Cardinale.

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