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Urban wineries. There are no vineyards or majestic pastures. City lights, traffic, and pedestrians are in range. An urban winery is a relatively new concept that allows city-goers to experience the world of wine without leaving their humble abode. Traveling to Napa Valley is a thing of the past. Los Angeles has had one reigning urban winery for almost a century. The San Antonio Winery was established in 1917 and continues to harvest in success. It stands as one of Los Angeles’s historical landmarks.

Urban wineries are a different kind of wine experience, but don’t expect any compromises. The San Antonio Winery prides itself for its rich family history, traditional winemaking techniques, and pristine quality. Its main location welcomes diversity and has given new wine drinkers something to rave about. Their different variations and flavors help novices rediscover wine. See wine in a whole new light by visiting your number one urban winery in Los Angeles – The San Antonio Winery.

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