San Antonio Fruit Farm Wines

San Antonio Fruit Farm Wine is the most unique and drinkable, semi-sparkling sweet wine. Get ready for fun, naturally sweet, dual-fruit blends that are perfect for any occasion. 

Our Wines

San Antonio Fruit Farm wines are naturally crafted with two real fruits. Fruit Farm uses whole fruits and is naturally sweetened.

Our wine provides a refreshing, low-alcohol alternative for a sweet, relaxing time. Fresh, bright, and fun, no matter the occasion. 

Try them all today and give your tastebuds something to talk about!

Our Story

San Antonio Fruit Farm is proudly crafted by Italian winemakers, Paola and Ivana, who share an enthusiasm for both the long-standing traditions of Italian winemaking, and the opportunity to create new flavors, blends, and techniques. The goal is that with a glass of our unique, dual-fruit blended wine, anyone could be instantly transported to a relaxing sunny day on a farm in Piedmont, Italy, where Fruit Farm is made.

Easy to Pair

Life is sweeter together, which is why San Antonio Fruit Farm wine is best enjoyed with loved ones.

Whether you are cooking a homemade meal for two or hosting your next get-together with friends, Fruit Farm will complement any gathering. 

Discover cocktail recipes and food pairing ideas that will help you turn a casual day into a long-lasting memory!