Paso Robles Wine Events

Feeling Thankful…And Hungry!

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It’s that special time of the year we get a break from our hectic schedules and can reconnect with friends and family while devouring our favorite comfort foods. Although we love traditional favorites, the best Thanksgiving menu includes both classic family recipes and dishes with a modern twist.…

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San Antonio Winery is gearing up for a huge celebration as next year marks the 100th anniversary of the Riboli family making Italian wine and serving the LA community since 1917.  We love our downtown location and have been on the same piece of land since that time.  Inspired by this upcoming milestone we brought…

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Having a winery experience often requires a lot of driving and heading out for a weekend.  But not in California, if you’re in the SoCal region you get the convenience of visiting a historical winery right in your city.  San Antonio Winery is the best urban winery because it’s one-of-a-kind.  Located in downtown Los Angeles,…

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Book With Us And Have No Fuss!

The best parties have enough seating space, great drinks, food, and a comfortable atmosphere.  Oh, and a host who isn’t stressed out.  So why make things harder on yourself when we can guarantee you all the essentials for a stellar event! We love to take care of the all the party planning, so put down…

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Don’t Be Out of the Loop

Put your hosting duties away for a change and join our Ontario wine events to be wined, dined, and entertained.  What else is better than having an exquisite evening and having done nothing for it?  Just put on your wine drinking outfit and head over to Ontario’s San Antonio Winery for the best combinations of…

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Fashionably Delicious

Outlet shopping is as exciting as opening up a bottle of wine!  The thrill of finding something new that you will love is what makes shopping and wine tasting so similar.  The Taste and Style event combines these two fabulous things, and so much more!

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San Antonio Winery knows how to party!  Our love for wine is just as great as our love for gatherings.  Wine brings people together, and that’s our specialty.   Throughout the year we host various wine events, our most recent was our annual summer BBQ.  This is always a hit.  Summer, fresh food off the grill,…

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