Riva De La Rosa

Riva de la Rosa pays tribute to the ingenuity of farmers and the beauty of this ancient land, a country surrounded by the sea and blanketed in the warmth of the sun. Roses offer winemakers early warnings against disease as they share the same soil and sun requirements as the vines and are often the first to be affected by diseases or pests due to their high sensitivity. This allows winemakers to take necessary precautions to protect the vines from damage. Beyond the natural beauty of having roses in the vineyards, this holistic approach helps indicate the health of the vines and removes the need for unnecessary intervention, allowing the grapes to yield natural, genuine fruit.

Woman eating pasta and drinking Riva De La Rosa wine

Our Italian Roots

We have partnered with four Italian families who have generations of winemaking experience and who are committed to crafting exceptional wines that express the land that holds their memories. We are committed to sustaining the environment and creating authentic and fresh wines, reflective of the Italian sun and coastal influences.

Group of women toasting with Riva De La Rosa Vermentino wine

Pleasing for ALL Palates

This collection of wines beautifully portrays similar characteristics in the wines while distinctly representing the terroirs from which they come: Piedmont, Tuscany, Lazio, and the Veneto. High in acidity, mineral-driven, crisp and clean, these wines beg for a second glass.

Exceptional Quality

As the largest importer of Italian wine into the United States, the Riboli family knows Italy. Their Italian heritage, paired with over 100 years of winemaking, is attributed to their care and expertise in all things vine related.