Riva De La Rosa

Riva de la Rosa is a collection of approachable and easy-to-drink white wines showcasing unique key wine regions across Italy. Named for the roses planted to watch over the vineyards, Riva de la Rosa, or “Shore of the Rose,” pays tribute to this ancient land. The powerful coastal inuences are evident in each regional vineyard, with sea breezes and mineral-rich soils providing incredible salinity to the wines. The resulting wines are crisp, refreshing and energetic, reflecting the magic of Italy in every sip.

Wines With Coastal Influence

Italy’s rose-lined vineyards share a close proximity to saltwater coastlines – the glorious Mediterranean, Ionian, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, and Ligurian seas. Powerful coastal influences are reflected in each vineyard, with sea breezes and mineral-rich soils providing incredible salinity to the wines.

Pleasing for ALL Palates

Honoring tradition, these varietals have a lighter body and lower alcohol content, reflective of the cooling coastal influences. Their versatility welcomes countless food pairing possibilities and culinary creativity. Each sip takes you on a journey through rolling vineyards, capturing the very spirit of Italy.

Exceptional Quality

At Riva de la Rosa, our winemaking team champions modern and sustainable farming practices, yielding low-yet-flavorful harvests that embrace environmental responsibility.