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Explore our award winning wines, gift center, and upcoming winery events. We proudly offer you a wide variety of wine brands, each unique to our vineyards in Monterey, Paso Robles, and Napa Valley. From whites to reds and sweets to drys, there is something in our portfolio to satisfy every palate.


California Varietal Wines

SAW 100 Years
Riboli Family Vineyard®
San Simeon®
San Simeon Stormwatch
Maddalena Vineyard
Windstream Windbreak®
San Antonio® Artisan Series
Santo Stefano
California Champagne

California Semi-sweet Wines

San Antonio® Specialty
Bodega de San Antonio®

California Dessert Wines

La Quinta®
Chocolate Bar
San Antonio® Dessert
San Antonio Winery® Sacramental

Italian Wines

Stella Rosa Wines
Diama Sparkle

Wine Events, Wine Merchandise & Wine Club

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