Fashionably Delicious


Outlet shopping is as exciting as opening up a bottle of wine!  The thrill of finding something new that you will love is what makes shopping and wine tasting so similar.  The Taste and Style event combines these two fabulous things, and so much more!

This last Saturday was a lovely afternoon; the party was so good no one wanted it to end!  We featured an array of delectable brands, starting with our favorite diamond in the lineup, Diama Rose.  Other features at this event were Maddalena Pinot Grigio, Opaque Zinfandel and San Simeon Chardonnay.  Not only were we in the company of San Antonio’s award-winning wines but we had our expert sommelier on site.  Each glass we were served came with a wealth of knowledge that only a professional wine drinker would know.  We were also pouring international beers, just to add a little bit more to our experience.


An afternoon event with San Antonio Winery means great eats because we love to share all of our Italian inspired luxuries, food being one of them.  From our very own Maddalena Restaurant, fresh made bruschetta, empanadas, spanakopita and more were served to compliment the essence of the dry wines being poured.

This three part summer series has been great fun so far, and best of all, we have one more in August!  Tentatively for August 20th, follow our social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for the most up to date information.

Escape the scorching heat and join us in the VIP lounge of Citadel Outlets, where you can give your arms a rest from carrying bags, lift a glass of wine instead and say cheers to being pampered.

We hope to see you there!