San Antonio Winery

Since 1917, the historical San Antonio Winery has been the heart of wine making and wine culture in Los Angeles. It is the last producing winery in Los Angeles and continues to hand craft wines from estate vineyards in Napa Valley, Monterey, Paso Robles, and many viticultural areas throughout California. As the last of more than 100 wineries which once spread throughout Los Angeles, San Antonio produces countless award winning wines and is one of the last wineries owned and operated for four generations by the family who founded it.

The Riboli Family traces its wine producing roots to Lombardia, Italy, where founder Santo Cambianica learned to make simple table wines for his family and friends. Once he immigrated to the US, Santo established himself and his new winery in Lincoln Heights, which at that time was the home to many first-generation Italian immigrants. With hard work, determination, and good faith, Santo’s business survived the Prohibition Act by producing sacramental wines for churches and local parishes of Los Angeles County. Nearly every winery in Los Angeles failed during that time, resulting in an explosion of fresh opportunity for Santo.

As the wine industry of California moved from Southern to Central and Northern California in the mid 1900’s, Santo and his nephew Stefano Riboli had no intention of leaving their new home in LA. Without this decision, an integral part of LA’s cultural renaissance would have been lost. While Santo and Stefano lived and developed their business in Los Angeles, they kept their focus on the burgeoning wine regions in the North and over time acquired vineyard properties in some of the most prestigious areas. This relationship between growing in the North and producing in the South is a true source of pride for the Winery and the Riboli Family.

Today the San Antonio Winery adds a modern twist to a rich historical tradition. In the state-of-the-art functioning winery there is a comprehensive fine wine store, the gourmet Maddalena℠ Restaurant, gift boutique, and group rooms ideal for all occasions. This landmark is proud to be one of the most unique venues in LA and a large part of the city’s cultural fabric.

On behalf of our family, we invite you to step into an oasis of good living, fine dining, and superb wines in the heart of Los Angeles. Backed by tradition and blessed by nature, we thank you! Salute!

–The Riboli Family, four generations of family ownership and estate wine making