Paso Robles Wine Tasting By San Antonio Winery


San Antonio Winery invites you to experience the newly-renovated Paso Robles wine store and gift shop! Discover a wide variety of wines available in the Paso Robles tasting room. From dry wines like San Simeon and Opaque to sparkling wines like Stella Rosa, our winery has something for everyone to enjoy.


San Antonio Winery Paso Robles also offers two wine tasting menus:

  1. Daily Tasting: 3 wines from our winemaker’s weekly selection of options.
  2. Artisan Tasting, $15: 4 highly limited reserve wines from the Riboli Family’s estates.

Experience at least one of the many wine events held throughout the year. From outside pourings to San Antonio Winery events, you can have a chance to try it all! Click here to see our list of upcoming events!

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