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San Antonio Winery – A Los Angeles Urban Winery

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Los Angeles Urban Winery

Across America, wine enthusiasts and adventure seekers travel to far-flung places for wine and relaxation. Little do many know, however, that many of the best destinations are in their own backyards! Urban wineries are slowly popping up in major cities, and in Los Angeles, the premiere urban winery destination is San Antonio Winery.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, San Antonio Winery is a hidden gem of the city’s urban landscape. Having been founded over 97 years ago in the same location it stands today, San Antonio Winery is an urban winery that offers the tradition and rich history of rural wineries and the convenience and accessibility of urban locales.

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California Wine Tasting – Wine Tasting in Los Angeles, California

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wine tasting in los angeles

Do you enjoy the finer things in life? So do we! That’s why we’re big fans of wine tasting and taking advantage of everything your local urban winery has to offer. As the longest-running winery in California, we at San Antonio Winery are passionate about everything wine and love sharing our world-class selection of wines through our wine tastings.

No matter your experience with wine, we have a wine tasting experience to fit your wine curiosity! At our California winery, we offer a free daily tasting for visitors. Whether you prefer something a little sweet and bubbly like Stella Rosa, or something dryer like a Cabernet, you can choose up to 3 samples from our winemaker’s weekly selection. If you want to go a bit bolder, we also offer wine tasting specials for the more seasoned wine lover!

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Wine Tasting Events at San Antonio Winery

San Antonio Winery to host ‘Meet the Winemaker’

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Anthony Riboli tastes wine for a living.

But Riboli’s job responsibilities involve a lot more than that.

As one of the winemakers for San Antonio Winery and Riboli Family Wine Estates — the family business — he not only oversees the vineyards but is also involved in day-to-day operations such as bottling and marketing.

“I think people assume that you sit around and drink all day. I wish I could,” he says. “I love what I do, I do enjoy what I do but I went to school and it’s never easy.”

Riboli said what he tastes throughout the day, which he spits out, is in an effort to make better quality wine.

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A taste of wine and history at San Antonio Winery

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A day of wine country fun can be had without leaving the heart of downtown Los Angeles. San Antonio Winery, a proud family endeavor since 1917, has it all. Come for wine tasting, have lunch, take a tour, and shop for unique gifts; it’s a family outing right in your own backyard.

San Antonio Winery is the last winery standing of more than 100 wineries that once dotted Los Angeles. The Riboli family survived Prohibition by producing sacramental wines for the church. Now they provide value and fun to locals and tourists alike. Offering wines from $6.95 to $49.95 from 5 different brands under the San Antonio umbrella, the average bottle is under $20. Everything from Riesling to Cabernet Sauvignon, Heritage Rhone Red and White blends, Chardonnay to Syrah, and dessert wines grace the large tasting room.

When you enter San Antonio Winery’s tasting room, push your way through the weekend crowd and stand in line to belly up to the bar. They offer a complimentary tasting of your choice of 3 wines on their list. You can upgrade to a tasting of 4 of their artisan wines for $10 and take home a keepsake glass. Not all of their wines are available for sampling but most people find something to keep them happy. Cases of wine are flying out the door, people giddy with the opportunity to drink affordably in this economy.

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